Tops things to pack when travelling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re camping, jet setting or simply getting away for a weekend, here are our top travel tips on products to pack to keep your luggage light and you feeling and looking great.

  1. Minis make it easier – packing full sized products takes up valuable packing space – opt for travel sizes in your favourite products. At Omorfia we stock Dermalogica travel sized products from $12 and YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics mini lipsticks and glosses from $9.95.
  2. Opt for multi-tasking makeup products – condense your makeup bag down by only packing the essentials such as primer and foundation and then add a blush/bronzer or a cheek/eye illuminating combo. Our favourites are YoungBlood’s illuminating palette or Mineral Radiance compacts – both of which can be used to add a natural highlight and glow to your eyes, cheeks and face.
  3. Tint your eyelashes and ditch the mascara – if you need to travel super light or are planning a trip somewhere tropical, take the time to have your eyelashes tinted before you go.
  4. Pack a tennis ball – your muscles will love you – Okay, this might sound a little odd but a tennis ball can be a very good way to release tense muscles. For tight backs, shoulders and glutes, place the ball between a wall and your muscle and gently roll it back and forth. If this doesn’t work then book in for a massage at your destination and use the ball to amuse the kids.
  5. Low on water? If you’re travelling off the beaten track, opt for skincare wipes. Try Wotnot’s organic facial wipes, @ $10.95 for a pack of 25. They’ll help keep your skin clean and you feeling fresh, and you won’t have to worry about post camping breakouts.
  6. Smell good whilst still keeping the mozzies at bay – we love iKOU’s Natural insect repellant body spray – with essential oils including lemon myrtle and eucalyptus, it energises whilst deterring pesky bugs.
  7. A little bit of luxury – our top pick for travelling companions is Dermalogica’s Hydrating Masque. As a clear product once applied, you can sleep in it overnight; either on the plane or at your destination, and then when you wake wash it off for hydrated skin, that’s plump, fresh and fabulous.

For more tips on best products to pack whilst travelling, or how to forgo packing certain products, come into Omorfia and we’d be happy to help. Happy packing 🙂