12 week Rejuvenation plan

Skin sensitivity risk

Sensitive skin means something different to everyone. Some people experience mild, occasional flare-ups, while others suffer from ongoing intense redness and discomfort.

With lots of different causes and triggers (genetics, stress, diet, cosmetic ingredients, allergies and pollution) and sensitivity not being restricted to a particular skin type (dry, normal, oily etc), it can be tough to eliminate the origin of your skin sensitivity.

A new way to monitor environmental triggers

To help identify potential triggers, Dermalogica has just launched a Skin Sensitivity Risk barometer. The online tool looks at the temperature, pollution, and humidity in your area, and produces a sensitivity risk scores based on these factors. Take it for a test drive and see if it can help manage your skin sensitivity.

A new way UltraCalming Duo to treat skin sensitivity

While identifying sensitivity causes can be tough, finding a product that can address your specific sensitivity without identifying the cause can be tougher. To make it easier, Dermalogica has just released it’s UltraCalmingTM Duo; two products that treat the top three concerns of everyone who has sensitive skin: redness, irritation and dehydration. Both the Calm Water Gel and Barrier Defense Booster combine the best of nature’s botanical extracts with innovation from The International Dermal Institute to soothe skin sensitivity. The Duo joins Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range of products and can be used separately, or layered for maximum effect.

Barrier Defense Booster – this concentrated oil booster soothes and nourishes to restore balance to sensitive skin. Ideally it applied before the Calm Water Gel.

Calm Water Gel – this weightless water-gel moisturiser hydrates dry, sensitive skin. The unique formula transforms into a skin-quenching fluid upon application, forming a weightless barrier to help protect skin against environmental assault. Dual Hyaluronic Acid technology works in different skin surface layers to increase and lock in moisture.

Picture of UltraCalming Calm Water Gel + Barrier Defense Booster

12 week Rejuvenation plan

February Specials

Love is in the air – with a hand-picked selection of specials we’ll know you’ll love, love, love. Pick one for your Valentine or treat yourself to a little bit of lovin’.

Find Your Perfect Product Pair

Purchase a product & get its perfectly matched pair for 1/2 price.*

Available on all full priced Dermalogica, iKOU and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics products.

Excludes Naked Tan products. The second product must be of equal or lesser value of the first.

Pair options include cleanser + toner, day + night cream, lipstick +lipliner, eyeshadow + mascara, primer + foundation… or find your own perfect match.


The Perfect Treatment Pair

Book a facial & add a 30min relaxation massage for 1/2 price.*



$25 spray tans*

Book a spray tan with our apprentice Elise, and pay only $25 – available from Monday 12th February.

*Not available in conjunction with other offers. Available until February 28, 2018 or while stock lasts.

12 week Rejuvenation plan

New – Precleanse Balm from Dermalogica

Dermalogica has long been a champion of the double cleanse, but they are about to make cleansing that little bit easier with the launch of their new Precleanse Balm this month – September 8.

Dermalogica's new take on Precleansing

Why Double Cleanse?

In order to achieve truly clean skin the double cleanse is a must, especially with the new wave of 24 hour, long lasting, everything proof cosmetics, which are close to impossible to remove with a regular cleanse.

The first cleanse will break down and remove the layer of dirt, oil, pollution and product build up sitting on the surface of your skin. This  allows your second cleanse with to work to its full potential. The end result? Skin that glows and feels super clean, smooth and soft. It also allows you to create the ideal canvas for your other skin care products to work far more effectively.

Why PreCleanse Balm?

The new PreCleanse Balm has been created as your Step Zero in combating the build up of environmental pollution, dirt and makeup. The deep cleansing, balm-to oil version of Dermalogica’s hero product, PreCleanse oil, melts away impurities, sunscreens, stubborn make-up and grease (think mechanic grease, worksite grit and hardcore, long lasting makeup) quickly and effectivity, without residue or irritation. It’s ideal for normal to dry skins, and includes a Natural Biolipid Complex to lock in hydration and reinforce the skin’s barrier, whilst Apricot Kernel Oil deeply nourishes the skin.

Why we like it

So there’s a few key reasons why we like and think you’ll really like this suped up pre-cleanse product:

  • The balm formula comes in a tube and is water activated, making it easy to apply and travel with.
  • It activates with water, making it easy to work into the skin and rinse off for a great first cleanse.
  • It comes with a double sided exfoliating mitt/applicator which is great to work the product into your skin and gives your face a mini massage at the same time.
  • It does a great job of removing waterproof mascara, long lasting lipstick and grease, and yet is still gentle enough to use on the eye area as well.

Come into Omorfia from September 8, to trial the product or pre-order your own today.

12 week Rejuvenation plan

Taming teenage skin – top tips to avoid breakouts

It’s hard enough coping with hormonal breakouts, but add in stress from study, hectic schedules, and plenty of extra-curricular activities, and it’s not surprising teenage skin goes on a rampage and breaks out in protest!

While we can’t help with the hormones, we can help you minimise the breakouts if you follow these tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water

    Staying hydrated is a must – not just for clear skin but for our entire body (it helps with brain function, muscular tension, and  digestion to name just a few things). When your skin becomes dehydrated, your body produces oil to try and rectify the problem. While this helps reduce the likelihood of your skin drying out, it can lead to breakout congestion.  During winter we often become dehydrated without realising it because we aren’t as thirsty as we are in the heat. At Omorfia, we’re often asked “how much water is the right amount?” and the answer varies for each individual. There are lots of varying formulas and equations to work this out, according to height, weight, activity/output, gender etc, but a good rule of thumb is to aim for 2 litres a day give or take. If you’re a taller, bulkier, active person then you’re likely to need more.

  2. Match your products to your skin type & condition

    What’s perfect for our friends’/brothers’/sisters’/parents’ skin isn’t always right for us. Choose a product that suits your skin type – dry/normal/oily/ combination, and condition – sensitised, acneic etc. Keep in mind that all pimples are not the same and therefore your product and approach needs to be selected correctly to successfully combat the breakout. For example, while an exfoliating scrub can be great for clearing blackhead congestion, it will only scratch the top off pustular “whitehead” pimples and potentially spread the bacteria, making the breakout worse. Ask your skin therapist to help make the right selection.

  3. More isn’t always better

    When applying product, ALWAYS follow the application guidelines. Too much of a good thing will harm your skin, and it’s also a waste of money. For example, slathering on a concentrated gel cleanser without foaming it up can strip your skin of the barrier that protects it, and you will go through product much faster. Depending on your cleanser, you may only need a 5 or 10 cent sized amount. For gel cleansers, foam it up with water (making big bubbles) in your palms before applying it to your skin. This allows for better application at a milder, more appropriate concentration for your skin.

  4. Avoid hair products and styles that clog your skin

    We all love great looking hair but choose your product and style carefully. Shampoos and Conditioners can irritate your skin, and styling product can clog your pores. Hair that hangs over our face can also cause breakouts. For clear skin, opt for products that are clean of fillers, and hairstyles that leave your face free. If you’re wearing hats, make sure at the very least the sweat band of it is cleaned regularly. If you need help with selecting a product, ask your skin therapist or hair dresser.

  5. Change your pillowcase and sheets regularly

    You ideally spend at least 8 hours with your head on your pillow and body in your bed. Sweat, bacteria, dead skin cells, dust mite and all sorts of other not so lovely things will build up on your sheets if they aren’t changed regularly, and this can cause breakouts. If you sleep on your side, check to see if one side of your face is more prone to breakouts than the other. If it is and you sleep on that side, it’s a good idea to clean your pillow straight away.

  6. No time to shower? Carry wipes

    One of the big issues with school life and managing breakouts is that there isn’t always time to shower immediately after sport, leaving your skin sticky from sweat and making it easy for grit and pollution to bind to it and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. A good work around for this, is to carry skin cleansing wipes in your bag so you can quickly wipe down acne prone skin, especially your face, neck and back. Choose a product that doesn’t require water after cleansing with the wipe as these will only irritate your skin if you can’t wash it off.

Need some extra help getting your skin under control? Book in for a Teen Skin Fitness treatment at Omorfia or visit us for a complimentary skin analysis that will allow  us to match products for your skin and lifestyle.


Spring clean your system – simple detox tips

As you spring clean your home, spare a thought for your skin and body, and give yourself a spring clean too! While there’s plenty of Detox products and hard core diets out there, here’s 3 tips which are easy to incorporate into daily life without too much trouble.

Detox tip 1: Add a slice of lemon to your water

You always hear people say “drink more water” but it’s not the easiest thing to do. When it comes to detoxing however, it’s the simplest way to flush out your system on a daily basis. By drinking water you’re helping your lymph system to purge impurities, as well as supporting your kidney’s natural detox processes.

If you don’t like the taste of water or want an added boost – add a slice of lemon. Not only does it provide a zesty taste but it aids digestion, is rich in antioxidants and helps to alkalize acids in our body, especially lactic acid after exercise.

Detox Tip 2: Body Brush everyday

We love body brushing because it not only stimulates the lymphatic system and our body’s metobolic waste removal, but it also increases blood circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and exfoliates dry skin (such a great multi-tasker).

When body brushing always remember to:
1. Use a dry brush on dry skin.
2. Brush in one direction towards the main lymphatic processing centres in the groin and armpits.
3. Avoid brushing broken, burnt or irritated skin, and consult your Doctor first if you are experiencing any medical concerns or are pregnant.
4. Clean your brush regularly to prevent bacteria build up.

Our pick: choose a 100% plant bristle brush such as iKOU’s Japanese Body Brush.

Detox Tip 3: Exercise your Demons

One of the amazing ways our bodies expel toxins is via sweat. Take advantage of daylight savings and the warmer weather and get active. Go for a walk, run on the beach or choose a sport that is entirely new to increase your heart rate, lymph flow and metabolism.

Remember: Always rehydrate (don’t forget your slice of lemon), apply SPF if exercising outdoors, and if you’re just starting out or have medical concerns, ask your GP for safe options before exercising.