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Lindfield Village Green update

Despite widespread opposition from our Lindfield residents and business community, Ku-ring-Gai council is in the final stages of approving the two-level underground carpark with 100 commuter and only 80 short term spaces.

What this means for you:

  • We currently have 136 short term car spaces which is not enough to cope with the current demand.
  • Our local community will have to park in the surrounding streets to use the ammenities whilst commuters take the prime village car spaces.
  •  Previously we had 152 spaces until Council sold off 16 spaces in Havilah Lane to the developers.
  • The proposed new kiosk on the Village Green has been allocated a further 10 spaces, therefore, we need a minimum of 162 short term spaces to maintain the supply we have been used to.
  • 162 spaces doesn’t even take future growth into account. Imagine if we only get 80!
  • The State government is on our side, with local member Jonathan O’Dea being very vocal in not accepting anything less than 136 short term spaces.

What you can do:

Council is meeting on Tuesday 14th November 2017, to finalise the plans. If you do not want the current proposal to go ahead please email:  Every voice will help in reminding council that they are representatives of our local community interests and not their own.