Spring clean your system – simple detox tips

As you spring clean your home, spare a thought for your skin and body, and give yourself a spring clean too! While there’s plenty of Detox products and hard core diets out there, here’s 3 tips which are easy to incorporate into daily life without too much trouble.

Detox tip 1: Add a slice of lemon to your water

You always hear people say “drink more water” but it’s not the easiest thing to do. When it comes to detoxing however, it’s the simplest way to flush out your system on a daily basis. By drinking water you’re helping your lymph system to purge impurities, as well as supporting your kidney’s natural detox processes.

If you don’t like the taste of water or want an added boost – add a slice of lemon. Not only does it provide a zesty taste but it aids digestion, is rich in antioxidants and helps to alkalize acids in our body, especially lactic acid after exercise.

Detox Tip 2: Body Brush everyday

We love body brushing because it not only stimulates the lymphatic system and our body’s metobolic waste removal, but it also increases blood circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite and exfoliates dry skin (such a great multi-tasker).

When body brushing always remember to:
1. Use a dry brush on dry skin.
2. Brush in one direction towards the main lymphatic processing centres in the groin and armpits.
3. Avoid brushing broken, burnt or irritated skin, and consult your Doctor first if you are experiencing any medical concerns or are pregnant.
4. Clean your brush regularly to prevent bacteria build up.

Our pick: choose a 100% plant bristle brush such as iKOU’s Japanese Body Brush.

Detox Tip 3: Exercise your Demons

One of the amazing ways our bodies expel toxins is via sweat. Take advantage of daylight savings and the warmer weather and get active. Go for a walk, run on the beach or choose a sport that is entirely new to increase your heart rate, lymph flow and metabolism.

Remember: Always rehydrate (don’t forget your slice of lemon), apply SPF if exercising outdoors, and if you’re just starting out or have medical concerns, ask your GP for safe options before exercising.