12 week Rejuvenation plan

Lindfield Village Green and council carpark update

After widespread opposition from our Lindfield residents and business community, Ku-ring-Gai council agreed to increase the carpark in their proposed Lindfield Village Green development to three levels. The plans are now available for review, and our community has until this Friday 13th April to comment. Unfortunately, the gain in spaces is not necessarily a win. Why? We’ve tried to sum it up below, but please take the time to read the reports and help council get it right.

The snapshot

  • With the additional carpark level, council has increased the overall car spaces from 181 to 241, which is an increase of 55 short term spaces – taking the number of spaces to 136, which is the same amount as we have now.
  • They have also made an amendment to Condition 1 relating to commuter parking.

Are we better off?

  • We currently have 136 short term car spaces which is not enough to cope with the current demand.
  • The proposed new kiosk on the Village Green has been allocated 10 spaces, which means there’s actually a reduction in overall car space supply for visitors to existing businesses and community facilities under the new plan.
  • Council has not revised it’s interim car park plans whilst the new carpark is being developed.  The previous interim parking proposal was based on figures from an obsolete traffic report that stated the current carpark was under utilised and as a result only sought alternate measures for 67 cars. This included recommending people park in the new spaces underneath Harris Farm and IGA. As we’re already experiencing overflow issues from visitors to Harris Farm into the Tryon Rd carpark, this interim plan is not feasible.
  • Council has not highlighted how they are going to fund the additional level. In previous public meetings regarding the carpark there was mention of making spaces for one hour for free and then charging people if they stayed longer. Most of the current spaces (70%) are 2 hour spaces.
  • The car space width is proposed to be 2.6m for short term spaces and 2.4m for commuter spaces – given many of the community drives larger vehicles, these widths leave very little room to get into and out of cars without impacting adjacent cars, as is often the case in the current carpark.

What you can do:

If you’re concerned that the new plan does not adequately address the growing needs of our community, please email the assessment office Jonathan Goodwill at  kmc@kmc.nsw.gov.au or call him on 9424 0000. You can also email our Councillors at councillors@kmc.nsw.gov.au and let them know your thoughts. For full details of the modification (Ref: MOD0030/18), please visit council’s DA tracking page: http://datracking.kmc.nsw.gov.au/datrackingUI/Modules/applicationmaster/default.aspx?page=found&7=MOD0030/18