Health Fund rebates for remedial massage

While many of us have Extras cover on our health insurance, not everyone knows that they may be eligible to receive a rebate on remedial massage.

To bring you up to speed on how to claim, we’ve put together a few of FAQs and answers.

Is everyone covered for remedial massage?

Unfortunately, no. Coverage depends on your health fund insurance and what’s included. It’s best to check with your health fund to find out more. Your remedial massage therapist also needs to be recognised by health funds in order for you to claim.

How much is my rebate?

While many health funds offer a rebate for remedial massage treatment, the rebate varies greatly between health funds and the level of cover and variables on offer. Some health funds offer a set amount per massage, while others provide a percentage back. There is usually a capped limit that can be claimed per year, and this is often shared with other bodywork modalities. Ask your health fund for a personalised snapshot of what you are eligible to receive.

Can I claim instantly at Omorfia?

Yes – providing your health fund is listed with HICAPS and you have your health fund card with you at the time of treatment. All Omorfia’s remedial massage therapists are recognised by leading health funds and are listed in our HICAPS facility. This allows you to claim at the time of your massage so all you need to pay is the gap. Please note that while certain HCF plans cover remedial massage, HCF doesn’t allow their members to use HICAPS to claim at the time of treatment. If you are an HCF member, we will issue you a receipt so you can claim with your health fund directly.

What happens if I forget my health fund card?

You can only claim using HICAPS at the time of your treatment. If you forget to bring your card along to your consultation, you will need to pay the full amount for the massage and then present the receipt we issue to your health fund. You can generally do this in person or via post, although more and more health funds are providing claiming apps or the option to claim online.

What happens when I reach my health fund limit?

When you reach and exceed your remedial massage benefit limit, you won’t be able to claim part or all of your remedial massage expenses and will need to pay the full amount for the massage. Limits are most commonly reset at the start of the calendar year, although some health funds are based on the financial year. Check with your health fund if you are unsure how your fund operates.

Is relaxation massage covered?

No. Health funds only cover remedial massage.

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