Omega-6/Omega-3 fatty acid balance and skin elasticity

Updated: Mar 18

Learn how to get up to 36% increased skin elasticity in 60 days, by combining the best products for your skin and your overall health.

In this post, I will talk about how you can gain up to a massive 36% increase in your skin elasticity in only 60 days, by using the best skin care products available.

This is done by using a combination of working from both the inside and the outside of your body, based on the newest research in pharmaconutrition and anti-aging.


The anti-aging industry is a billion dollar market and it’s a jungle to navigate, if you wish to get the best results for the best price.

Most anti-aging products only do the work from the outside. You buy a skin serum and apply it to the skin and often it only targets the surface layer of the skin, not doing the work needed to improve your skin health.

Skin symptoms like acne and other skin problems may root in the condition of other parts of the body, it’s all interconnected. So to cure one problem you might need to work on another first.