HIFU Face-Lift Treatment Cost

Updated: Feb 21

An instant plumping or skin tightening treatment on the face using single macro energy will cost less than a neck and jawline lift as it will need 3-layers of micro energy.

HIFU Face lift treatment costs depend on two factors:

1. The type of ultrasound energy you need for the outcome

2. The size of the area you want treating.

Is it worth it? That is for you to decide once you understand more..

Everyday I work with clients just like you who want to improve the quality of their skin tone and firmness at home and have in-clinic skin rejuvenation treatments.

My approach is to educate you about natural solutions to pro-ageing for younger-looking skin, so you can feel confident about investing in skin care and treatments that are right for your skin health not just your skin type.

Is the cost of a HIFU facelift treatment worth it?