Are you over 40 and thinking about what you should do to naturally look younger?

The skin rejuvenation plan is an intense course of aesthetic skin treatments to improve your skin for firmer, younger looking skin if you are over 40 years old.

To get started with aesthetic skin treatments for ageing skin it’s important to encourage your skin cell turnover, cause inflammation and controlled trauma for collagen stimulation.

Hence the treatment plan starts with cellular health and reduction of inflammation and a Rejuvenating facial to hydrate and balance your skin, then Micro-needling and Mesotherapy to flood the skin with essential nutrients and growth factors before introducing HIFU face for instant skin tightening.

Day 1 – ProSkin60 Facial & Cellular Balance

Your first step is to ensure your ECM is intact by reducing harmful inflammation. We will test & balance your inflammation levels.

Your first treatment is to address your skin's n