Ageing affects each of us differently. As we grow older our bodies go through many different phases depending on our hormones and how much we indulge in life’s excesses. To help you understand these changes better, we look at what happens during our thirties, forties, fifties and beyond. Plus, we give you tips for an optimal appearance at every age.


Early signs of ageing may be noticed due to collagen loss. This may cause fine lines and wrinkles to form and dark circles under the eyes to become more prominent. At this age, sun exposure is the most common but preventable cause of accelerated ageing. Active lifestyles with sun exposure can lead to premature sun damage, pigmentation and broken capillaries. Prevention at this age is the best tactic.

We recommend trying light microneedling treatments with Hyaluronic acid as a preventative measure to stop wrinkles in their tracks before they turn into deep lines. Also, invest in regular facials like Proskin60 radiance boosting Plus peels. This will help to correct early signs of ageing and refresh, refine, hydrate and plump the skin. And always use a sunscreen to prevent sunspots and premature ageing. We recommend using Demalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery spf50 or protection 50 sport spf50for the more active.


Your skin is more vulnerable to environmental pollution and sun exposure at this age. Plus, over the years, UV exposure may have caused sun damage in the form of broken capillaries or sun spots. You may also notice an increase in the size of your pores. This is caused by your skin loosening and the opening of your pores becoming more pronounced. As the lymphatic system starts to slow down, you may start to notice that volume loss is giving you a hollowed or tired look. Unfortunately, this can also lead to fat accumulating more easily around the abdomen, hips and thighs.

At this age, we recommend experimenting with laser and light-based treatments. Our RF treatments will help to even out your complexion by reducing pigmentation and redness, whilst also giving you a boost in collagen. For something even more in-depth, our Mesotherapy treatments or our plasma Facials combined with LED therapy can also greatly improve the texture of your skin while also effectively treating mild to moderate wrinkles, enlarged pores and scarring. Try Radar Hifu treatments to give your face back its youthful curves.

To keep your lymphatic system in tact regular massages & Functional muscle stimulation will not only keep your body functioning well, but will also help with reducing losing body shape.

And for the stubborn fat that just won’t budge, you might consider investing in a body contouring treatment like V100 Shape or KumaShapeIII of 4D HIFU Body sculpting.


At this age, your skin is more dehydrated than earlier years. Plus, collagen and elastin deplete faster than our body produces them. As a result, skin becomes thinner and slacker and appears to have lost structure. For women, menopause often begins at this time and decreased estrogen slows sebum production, making it appear dull and dry.

At this age, treatments that deliver long-lasting results are your best bet. Skin tightening treatments like PlasmaBlast or 4D HIFU can help to tighten and smooth sagging skin, while treatments like mesotherapy with fibroblast growth factors and actives will help to restore volume, hydration and the brightness of your skin.

Pigmentation can become more evident, and a course of BiorePeelC1 can be used to remove and prevent pigmentation.

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