Are you constantly asking yourself ‘how can I make my skin look younger and fresher?’ Well, we have the answer for you – skin tightening!

Gone are the days where surgical tightening was the only option- a procedure where risk, recovery and pain were involved. Now, non-invasive skin tightening and contouring treatments are becoming the preferred choice for many clients.

Here are the six benefits of non-surgical skin tightening and why you need to try it:

  1. IMPROVED ELASTICITY AND LIFT With the stimulation of collagen through skin tightening treatments, comes the improvement of elasticity to the skin to better define facial features. Heating of the surface area causes collagen to contract and become firmer. In addition, the heat stimulates the production of new cells. As these new cells are produced, they are more structured and firm, making the skin appear plump and full.

  2. REDUCTION OF FINE LINES AND WRINKLES The treatments target the layer of skin surgeons pull back when doing a facelift, causing collagen production and long-term tightening of the skin. Some treatments have a ‘wrinkle cartridge’, an element that can treat superficial wrinkles around the eyes and lips more effectively.

  3. NATURAL RESULTS Unlike surgical treatments, skin tightening does not force the skin to stretch in unnatural ways, therefore minimising post-treatment risk. They use your body’s natural rejuvenation process, which means the results are an organic response to the procedure.

  4. NO DOWNTIME! Post-treatment, clients can return to their normal day-to-day activities with no downtime. It is the perfect treatment for those individuals who do not have the ability to take time off and want a safer and less painful alternative to surgery.

  5. SLOWS THE AGEING PROCESS Skin tightening treatments stimulate collagen that will tighten the skin and slow the ageing process. Immediately after your treatment, your skin is visibly tighter as the fibres contract. This will continue over time, further improving structure and definition.

  6. MINIMAL DISCOMFORT Non-surgical skin tightening treatments have minimal discomfort to clients and are often described as a warming tolerable sensation.

At Omorifa, we offer a range of skin tightening treatments including PlasmaBlast, 4D Hifu, Radio Frequency Therapies, Collagen Induction Therapies & KumaShape Face lift & Skin Tightening.

Book a consultation with our masters today to learn more about our skin tightening treatments and how they can help you to the Younger YOU!

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