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Meso Lift & Glow

Meso Lift & Glow is a facial like no other, combining 2 highly sophisticated and effective technologies; Plasma Vibration for tissue tightening through collagen and elastin stimulation and Transdermal Mesotherapy for tissue revitalisation through active inclusion of potent substances.

Love the skin you're in.

Meso Lift & Glow Treatment

Meso Lift & Glow uses the same plasma created with the plasma difference, without the downtime. 


Plasma facial infuses high quality ingredients to not only create the lifting but also the nourishing of the skin. 

Treatment is 100% customised to address your particular skin concerns and give you a fabulous youthful glow.

What to Expect

Meso Lift & Glow utilises 4 silver heads of various sizes incorporating plasma flow & electroporation (otherwise known as transdermal mesotherapy) and is individually tailored to suit your specific concerns with highly active and potent mesotherapy substances including Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Growth Factors and Peptides.

You can expect the usual cleansing and a gentle exfoliation to allow optimum product penetration then the good stuff starts. Your individual cocktail of specialist products are applied to the skin, they are covered with a conductive gel and the first stage of Meso Lift & Glow begins with the flat silver head which is passed over the skin for a general lifting effect. Plasma vibration and electrophoresis work in tandem together, tissues are heated, micro channels are opened, active products are transdermally propelled deep into the skin where they get to work healing, plumping, hydrating, calming, whatever is required and cell function is normalised.

After general lifting has been performed the flat head is exchanged for the smaller pointed nozzles which are used to focus on individual lines and wrinkles and can even be used to lift and tighten the eyelids. Pointed nozzles have a more profound and intensive effect, reducing wrinkle depth and smoothing the skin.

The final stage of the Meso Lift & Glow facial utilises the smallest pointed nozzle which is capable of omitting a tiny plasma spark which can be used to treat and reduce the deepest wrinkles and can assist the healing of acne blemishes.

Different prices applies to the different serums used. 

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Frequently asked questions

Preciso ter CNPJ para comprar?

Não, você pode comprar como pessoa fisica.

Esses aromatizantes são industrializados ou artesanais?

Nossos aromatizantes são artesanais, feito todo processo manualmente.

Quanto tempo dura após aberto?

O tempo de duração é de 15 à 20 dias, dependendo da exposição ao sol.

Como utilizar?

1. Desrosquei a tampa de madeira, em seguida, retire o batoque de vedação.
2. Rosqueie a tampa novamente e vire o frasco de ponta cabeças por aproximadamente 10 segundos para manter a intensidade.
3. Amarre adequadamente o frasco ao seu retrovisor interno, o mais próximo do retrovisor possível, evitando assim que o frasco balance a ponto de colidir com o vidro para-brisa. No caso de ambientes, pode ser colocado dentro do guarda roupas, banheiro, estante etc...

Posso escolher os rótulos?

Sim, você pode escolher os rótulos disponiveis em nosso catálogo. Após a compra, cliquei no icone de whatsapp ou atendimento, e fale diretamente com o vendedor.