Perfect PMU

yokototalbeauty's Permanent Make-Up (PMU) artists and services are now available at Omorfia.


All your beauty needs can now be met in the one place, all performed by seasoned professional artists.


yokototalbeauty has been a leading PMU clinic for several years and as the new owner of Omorfia, they have opened up their repertoire of premier services and products to Lindfield locals and beyond.

"To us, rendering beauty services goes beyond having a job."



With our eyeliner tattoo Sydney, we will create a unique design that best matches your desired look, eye shape and facial symmetry.

If you want that sultry, mesmerising, alluring, and glamorous eyes, then, now is the time to enhance your beauty.


Lip Blush Tattoo

It’s true that women grow older and celebrate birthdays; however, there are smart ladies that have successfully put the brakes on ageing! Yes, one of the secrets to youthfulness is LIP BLUSH!

We push-up boundaries when it comes to lip enhancement Sydney based, we promise that an un-regrettable experience awaits you.


Eyebrow Microblading

The results of our Microblading procedure is amazing and the best part is that the eyebrows can last for a long time depending on your skin type.


Our beauticians will use the latest techniques to create your eyebrows strand-by-strand to give you the most naturally looking 3D-like results.


Hairline Microblading

 If your hair is not as full as it once was, you can take proactive action to restoring youthfulness.

We will ensure your hairline treatment is in proportion to your forehead, doesn’t look obvious and will enhance your features, matching perfectly to your current hair colour.


Scalp Micropigmentation

Omorfia is a fantastic scalp micropigmentation artist in Sydney that offers excellent natural hair loss solutions for balding, thinning hair, transplant scars, and alopecia.

We replicate tiny hair follicles to give you the look of a buzz cut or short hair stubble.


Eyebrow Ombre / Shading

Our Powder Brow/Shading procedure is revolutionary, we will analyse your eyebrow hair growth pattern and facial structure before customising a unique style.

To our artists, beautiful brows are never an option but a necessity for every woman that needs to build her confidence and command influence.

Book Cosmetic Tattoo Services

Approx. 90 min

Combination is a blend of microblading and shading with powdery infills, giving the best of both worlds when it comes to having your eyebrows refreshed or reshaped. A very popular Hollywood style eyebrow that looks very natural.


Approx. 90 minutes 
Another ladies favourite. Saves so much time and your eyes will always look perfectly done. We can even create a subdued eyeliner as a base that you can fill out to your desire for whatever occasion. We find the angel wing to be the most popular. We also offer eyelash enhancement eyeliner.


Approx. 90 min

We have seen an explosion in this service and it does make sense that when you find a premier artist who excels in the execution of their craft,​ a lip tattoo is just something you will wish you had done years ago. It is semi permanent and no-one will ever know you're not wearing stick. Never fear though, you can wear any other coloured lipstick over your tattoo.


Fantastic hair loss or hair thinning alternative to transplants or expensive products that don't work. We create hair density effects, shaved buzz cut effects to match your hair colour. Consultation required, and can be done on the same day.