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Body Contouring  programs

Body Contouring

Super model 6 pack Program

Clothes don’t drape well. You don’t like what you see in the mirror. And there just aren’t any diet/exercise in the world you’ve tried or any surgery you’re willing to undergo that’s going to bust those bulges affectionately known as the muffin top, love handles, saddle hips and thunder thighs. Good news! Supermodel Sixpack Program is for you!

Wage war on those not-so-hard core areas with this body-perfecting trio:


Muscle sculpting program (MIX & MATCH)
Perfect for those who want to target several muscle areas and want the flexibility of swapping areas for an all-round body sculpting experience.




Sixpack ABS Sculptor
Who doesn’t want a six pack? If you’ve been working out with no results, augment your current regime with our abdominal muscle sculpting. It defines, tones and sculpts. No sweat!

Abdominal Muscle Sculpt x 15

Strong: 5 x per week | Improve: 2 x per week | Maintain: 1 x per week

Buttock Lift & Shape
No more baggy jeans after a program of our buttock toning therapies. This works on your gluteal muscles so it firms and tones your buttocks, while you chill.

Gluteal Muscle Sculpt x 5

Strong: 5 x per week | Improve: 2 x per week | Maintain: 1 x per week