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SKIN Saverprograms

Overall Skin Rejuvenation Programs

Face - (Open Pay is available for easy monthly payments *) *Open pay will carry a 7% additional cost

12 week Skin Rejuvenation program

This is a positive pro-ageing skin treatment protocol for all your skin ageing concerns.

  • Day 1 – Rejuvenation Facial & Cellular Balance ( this is really important to get the Omega 6:3 balance right, which increases skin elasticity)

  • 2 Weeks - Micro-Needling with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and start the activation of elastin and collagen fibres

  • 4 Weeks - Mesotherapy - RMT140Hpn serum to be used will be related to your skin  

  • 6 Weeks - HIFU non-surgical facelift

Skin Renew Package

Slow down the aging process with SkinSilk.  FGF ( Fibroblast growth Factors) stimulates the fibroblastic cells to regenerate new collagen. Also, restores tissue damage and decrease pigmentation with SkinSilk.

Program Treatments:

Proskin 60, 4  sessions Skin Silk treatments + 4 sessions LED Red therapy 

Refresh & Hydrate

The difference between a dull complexion and a porcelain smooth complexion is large, unsightly pores & dehydrated skin! Minimize pore size & brighten your skin with our Refresh & Hydrate program. The result? Matte, healthier & radiant skin!

Our program is designed to hydrate, tighten and firm up your skin as well as to reduce your pore size. Enjoy a porcelain smooth complexion today

Available for all ages


Program Treatments:

Proskin60, Microdermabrasion,  4  sessions CIT treatments + 3 sessions LED Red therapy + 3 Facial Wraps

Lift & Glow Program

Quite possibly the most exciting thing to happen to your face & neck, this supercharged program is a necessity for anyone worried about jiggly jowls or a dull visage. Light lifts are specially designed to tighten, while firming, lifting and improving the appearance of facial tone and texture over time. The end result? Healthy glowing skin!

Excellent for patients who want an anti-gravity solution to their daily ageing woes.

Program Treatments
1 revitalising facial , 6 sessions Lift & Glow Facials + 6 LED Red Therapy