Hand Massage

Hands + Feet

We want your hands + feet to look and feel wonderful, which is why we offer a range of treatments.

We may recommend a treatment upgrade should the condition of your hands and feet require it.
Please note we do not offer an acrylic or shellac removal service.

Hands + Feet treatments are also a great way to relax your whole body and, with all the wear and tear we put our hands and feet through, it’s well worth treating them to a little TLC. Drawing on ELIM MediSpa products and OPI nail treatments, our team at Omorfia will ensure your hands and feet are the envy of digits from near and far.

Foot Massage and Treatments at Omorfia Spa including Manicures, Pedicures and Delux Mani & Pedis.

FILE & POLISH (hands or feet)

Allow 15 minutes  

If you’re cuticles are in good condition and all you require is a quick shape and polish, this express treatment is for you.


Allow 15  minutes  

Remove hard, callused skin and neutralise the heel to its optimum PH level with a Chemical Peel for cracked heels, neutraliser and Foot Perfector application.
The ideal treatment to add to your facial, Wax or massage.



Allow 30  minutes  


Repair  nail irregularities and treat bacterial related ailments with an enzymatic exfoliation, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foot soak, Foot Perfector heel balm massage and an effective Fungal Force Treatment.
Treatment comes with a file, clip and buff. Excludes Nailpolish.


Allow 30 minutes  

An express active treatment that treats ageing hands.

When your cuticles and nails are in need of some TLC, book yourself in for an Omorfia manicure.

Treatment comes with a file, clip, buff, anti-ageing hydration application and paint. Excludes soak and exfoliation.


Allow 45 minutes  

For a relaxing hand experience that leaves your hands and nails looking and feeling fabulous, our Elim Advance Manicure is a must.

A preventative Hand treatment for ageing and pigmented hands with a warming hydro exfoliation, a nail whitening soak and an anti-ageing massage.

Treatment comes with a file, clip, buff, massage and paint.




Allow 45 minutes 

When you toes and feet are looking beat, treat your feet Omorfia-style. An express treatment with an Elim Chemical peel for the heels, neutraliser, Foot Perfector Heel Balm and the Cuticle MD.

Treatment comes with a file, clip, buff and paint. Excludes massage, exfoliation and a mask and soak.


Allow 60 minutes 

Restore dry areas, cracked heels and nails with a callus peel, neutralisation, anti-bacterial soak, enzymatic exfoliation, detox mask, massage with Elim Foot Perfector and Gold Dust.

Treatment comes with a cuticle removal & hydration with Elim Cuticle MD, a file, clip, buff & nail polish.




Allow 30 minutes 

A fast and effective hand treatment designed for the metro man.

Treatment comes with a nail Whitening soak, file, clip, buff, exfoliation and cuticle care.



Allow 30 minutes  

A fast and effective foot treatment designed for the metro man.

Treatment comes with callus peel, file, clip, buff , exfoliation, cuticle care & hydration

Hands & Feet Treatment Optional Upgrades

Nourishing Paraffin Wax treatment + 15min.
Pamper your hands or feet by adding a Paraffin Wax to your hand or feet treatments.



Hydrating Lower Leg + Foot massage + Foot Masque – add + 15min.
Pamper your feet by adding this nourishing masque and massage to a skin or body treatment.


Revitalising Hand Scrub + 15min.
For silky, smooth hands, add a hydrating hand scrub to your manicure.

Hand Feet Massages by Omorfia Spa Including a Paraffin wax treatment, hydrating lower leg and foot massage, revitalising hand scrub and a French polish.

Ageing Hands 

As you age, your hands lose fat and elasticity and your skin loses volume. This reduced volume and decreased elasticity produces translucent skin that wrinkles and develops age spots.


Bio3 Hand Rejuvenation    - 4 sessions
Remove Age spots & revitalise your hands  -  4 sessions suggested