CryoFit therapy VF100 is a brand new method, a professional vacuum treatment of losing weight and cellulite elimination. It contains strong active components, which have excellent effects on the waist size reduction. The addition of hyaluronic is bring back tightness and freshness of the skin.


How does it work?

By boosting of metabolically processes inside the cells and by stimulating microcirculation in skin, it assist with processes such as:

  • Disintegrates cellulite, removes "orange-peel" effect fat layers

  • It works as lipolytic - disintegrates existing body fat layers  

  • Inhibits lipogenesis- blocks creation of new fat tissue

  • Boosts liquid elimination.

What does the Cream contains?

The cream (crema liporiducente anticellulite) contains caffeine, ivy extract, cinnamon essential oil, juniper extract, lemon grass, sesame oil, mint.

Also includes:

  • unilactamine - energy skin regenerator, an active amino acid complex that stimulates the metabolism deep in the dermis and increases the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis

  • sveltam - the newest generation of caffeine derivatives that blocks production and stimulates elimination of fat, while also increasing skin elasticity. Stimulates degradation of fat, prevents the creation of new fat layers and slows down the formation of the new cellulite.

  • Inoveol EGCG - binds free radicals, increases the detoxification of the skin and prevents the reproduction of fatty acids.

What is VF100 professional vacuum treatment?

- VF100 professional vacuum method that without aggressive devices and electricity, naturally,

without pain and unpleasant effects it affects the body and helps it start the weight loss process.

- VF100 vacuum treatment is done every other day (after about 48 h) because it has an extended fact.

- VF100 vacuum treatment accelerates fat burns and reduces cellulite.

- VF100 vacuum treatment improves peripheral circulation and allows for tissue supply

with nutrients and removes harmful substances from the tissue.

- VF100 vacuum treatment is a strong antioxidant that breaks fat in deeper

with layers of skin.

- VF100 vacuum treatment speeds up circulation.

- VF100 vacuum treatment contains substances to reduce leg swelling.

- VF100 vacuum treatment with hyaluron hydrates and refreshes the skin, and may improve elasticity.

Important instructions:

- only for professional use

- only for healthy people over 18..

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