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New – Precleanse Balm from Dermalogica

Dermalogica has long been a champion of the double cleanse, but they are about to make cleansing that little bit easier with the launch of their new Precleanse Balm this month – September 8.

Dermalogica's new take on Precleansing

Why Double Cleanse?

In order to achieve truly clean skin the double cleanse is a must, especially with the new wave of 24 hour, long lasting, everything proof cosmetics, which are close to impossible to remove with a regular cleanse.

The first cleanse will break down and remove the layer of dirt, oil, pollution and product build up sitting on the surface of your skin. This  allows your second cleanse with to work to its full potential. The end result? Skin that glows and feels super clean, smooth and soft. It also allows you to create the ideal canvas for your other skin care products to work far more effectively.

Why PreCleanse Balm?

The new PreCleanse Balm has been created as your Step Zero in combating the build up of environmental pollution, dirt and makeup. The deep cleansing, balm-to oil version of Dermalogica’s hero product, PreCleanse oil, melts away impurities, sunscreens, stubborn make-up and grease (think mechanic grease, worksite grit and hardcore, long lasting makeup) quickly and effectivity, without residue or irritation. It’s ideal for normal to dry skins, and includes a Natural Biolipid Complex to lock in hydration and reinforce the skin’s barrier, whilst Apricot Kernel Oil deeply nourishes the skin.

Why we like it

So there’s a few key reasons why we like and think you’ll really like this suped up pre-cleanse product:

  • The balm formula comes in a tube and is water activated, making it easy to apply and travel with.
  • It activates with water, making it easy to work into the skin and rinse off for a great first cleanse.
  • It comes with a double sided exfoliating mitt/applicator which is great to work the product into your skin and gives your face a mini massage at the same time.
  • It does a great job of removing waterproof mascara, long lasting lipstick and grease, and yet is still gentle enough to use on the eye area as well.

Come into Omorfia from September 8, to trial the product or pre-order your own today.