A shout out on men’s skin

Shaving Tips

One of the biggest impacts on Men’s skin (aside from the sun and ageing) is shaving. To avoid ingrown hairs, irritation and redness, ensure your shaving routine incorporates these 3 steps:

  1. Pre-Shave

    Minimise and prevent skin irritation, inflammation and nicks by starting with a thorough skin cleanse. This removes excess oils that coat the beard and skin as well as eliminating bacteria that can cause infection if the skin is cut. Where ingrown hairs are an issue, add in an exfoliant or scrub.

  2. The Shave

    Choose a shaving medium based on beard type (coarse, fine etc) and skin condition (oily, dry, sensitised). A gel is great for oily skin, while an oil or cream is generally better for sensitised skin. Regardless, shave with the grain to avoid irritation.

  3. Post-Shave

    Gone are the days when a man splashed on some alcohol to remove the oily shave cream, close the pores, kill the bacteria and subtly perfume the skin. Fragrance, especially delivered via alcohol, is a leading cause of contact allergy in men and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Today’s post-shave products should calm the skin, treat inflammation, control ingrown hairs, help eliminate congestion of pores and provide antioxidant and UV protection to the skin.





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